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Self-Storage as a Business Solution

Posted Wed, Dec 16th, 2020 By Chrisitne Vander Ploeg, Shoebox Storage LLC News

Practical affordable space for business

For all businesses keeping overhead down is first and foremost next to having an excellent product or services.  Often leasing office, storefront or warehouse space is very costly per square foot and not always needed depending on the nature of the business.  Here is where self-storage can be a great alternative solution that is affordable and practical.  There are many small and large business owners that use self-storage to their advantage.

Self-Storage works well for many small companies and large corporations as satellite locations to make parts and equipment for their service technicians more accessible to their customer sites. This reduces  drive time and mileage expenses while improving service deliverability. Entrepreneurs such as landscapers and contractors find it economically feasible to keep their tools, equipment and supplies protected from the elements and organized freeing up their garage at home for personal and family needs.  Some internet based businesses that are sales oriented use self storage to hold their inventory, samples, marketing and promotional items. Professionals including engineers, attorneys and architects use storage to archive records that they are responsible to hold onto for a set amount of time dependent on legal and government requirements freeing up their valuable office space.

Other advantages of self-storage are not needing to be concerned with the external maintenance of the space, your unit is in a gated facility with monitored key entry and your rent can be used as a business expense when submitting your year end taxes.  So whether you are in business or contemplating starting one, consider the advantages of using self-storage for that extra space at your place of business, home office or garage. 


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