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Storage Tips to Simplify Your Move

Posted Mon, Mar 30th, 2020 Tips

The key to making your move go smoothly is to plan ahead, evaluate what you are storing and make sure you have all the proper moving and packing supplies for those items.  Start collecting sturdy corrugated cartons, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, markers, labels, furniture and mattress covers. For your convenience, we also have these items available for purchase at very competative pricing. New customers receive 10% discount on total order in addition to already discounted pricing.

Keep items you may need to access towards the front of your unit and create a center aisle so you can access all areas of your unit and your belongings.

Use common sense and don't store small engines, mowers and other items with gasoline in them.  Disconnect batteries on automobiles.

Don't store perishibles, liquids or explosives, flammable liquids and or toxic materials or other items that need a controlled enviornment in your unit.  Remember you are in control and responsible for the contents in your storage space.


Utilize draw space for storage in all the furniture and remove legs to store table tops and place sofas on end to conserve space. Mattresses should be covered and stored flat.  Use protective covers and treat wood before storing it.


It is easier if you use a variety of the same size boxes so they stack neatly.  The most commone size is 3.0 cubic feet to 4.5  Try to keep the weight between 30 and 50 lbs so they can be moved around as necessary.  Wardrobe boxes are usually larger and heavier.  Try not to underpack your boxes so that items will move around too much, but also don't overstuff them to the point that they lose their shape and strength.

Photos may curl over time so it is best to keep them flat between two pieces of cardboard and fasten them together.


Use a few drops of machine oil on a rag and wipe down tools and metal items to retard rusting. Trash cans are good for storing shovels, rakes, hoes and other long handled items.

Paintings and Picture Frames

When storing painting, don't allow the material you are wrapping it in to touch the front surface of the canvas.  It is better to place a layer of wax paper between the front of the canvas and the packing material such as bubble wrap or a blanket.

Store paintings vertically and seperate them with cardboard and keep them away from any items that could end up leaning on them and permantly denting the canvas.  It is a good idea to put cardboard corners on the frames and keep them up off the floor, however, not store them too close to the ceiling where it can get too warm.

Picture frames are best wraped in bubble wrap or blankets especially if they have glass on the front.  Also seperate these with cardboard and  wrap each one individually in bublle wrap.  If you plan to stack them, place the largest and heaviest on the bottom and smallest/lightest on top using the card board sepeaters between them.

Dishes store best vertically, especially plates.  Glasses do well in boxes designed for this purpose.


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